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Custom partnership

  1. Whats included
  2. Pricing on mass dm’s
  3. How does it work
  4. Examples
  5. Customer reviews
  6. Regular advertising**

Custom partnership:

Custom Mass DM pricing ✍📱 5K 150000 people

7.5k 250.000

10k 400.000

12.5k 500.000

15k 600.00

20k 1M

25k ALL (1.4M)


● custom integration without ads

●1 week of ads to 1.5 M users worth 1.5 eth

●Partner tweet and promotion within our community

●Mass Dms sent to users based on amount and price chosen

ArkiTech Partnership Program

Introduction: We are delighted to present the ArkiTech Partnership Program, offering an opportunity for collaborative growth among crypto projects. This document outlines the prerequisites, advantages, and ways in which projects can contribute to and benefit from the ArkiTech ecosystem.

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